Located in the "City Commons" Building

220N 200E, St. George Utah

Current Show:

The 2018 SUAG Show Schedule for the

Red Cliff Gallery:

  • January 5 through Feb 7th – “Winter Blues”

  • February 9 though March 5th – St. George Art Museum Show

  • March 9 to March 31st – “Spring Fling” plus “Memory Matters”

  • April 3 to April 20th – Washington Country Secondary School Show

  • April 27 through June 7th – “Every Pieces Has a Story”

  • June 15 to August 30th – “Only Abstraction” (Monday through Friday Only)

  • September 7 to October 25th – “Color Explosion”

  • November 2 to December 19th – “The Gift of Art” – Miniature show

All shows are ALL MEDIA shows. You must be a SUAG member to participate.

The video to the leftt is from the Grand Opening Ceremony, June 2014.

The Red Cliff Gallery and the Arrowhead Gallery are great places to find that prefect, unique, creative and original Holiday gift. Everyone loves the "Gift of Art".

Information about the Southern Utah Art Guild can be at www.southernutahartguild.com.

Visit the Southern Utah Art Guild's Facebook page.

The Red Cliff Gallery and the Southern Utah Art Guild are partially supported by funding from the Washington County RAP tax.